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Reflexology cleanses your body and gets your natural energy flowing the way it should. These benefits of reflexology can normalises the glands and reduces physical as well as emotional tension.

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One of the most fascinating and unique Holistic Therapy is "Reflexology".
But why is this treatment so effective and unique in its result?

Reflexology is a holistic treatment that aims to help the body to recover its deep balance, regenerating itself and regaining the lost energy harmony.

Is practiced through a gentle massage and pressure of precise reflex areas of the feet or the hands connected with the related areas of the body.

As it is based on the theory that the feet are the mirror of our body those reflex areas/points of the feet are directly connected to the organs of the body creating a map.

This alternative therapy is based on the general principle that every aspect of the life of the individual would affect the welfare and health of the person, and has the main intent to operate a "rebalancing on the entire body in order to stimulate the ability to self-healing".

Reflexology has a very ancient history: the first treatments made ??by massaging the feet have been applied in China and India in 5000 BC.

As we know it today, reflexology is a young science born in the United States from dr. W. Fitzgerald, who in 1910 drew a map of the human body crossed by 10 meridians divided into many areas, whose parts and organs are the corresponding reflex points in the hands and feet.

Another doctor EF Bowers, joined him to deepen and spread the new science, which he called "zonal therapy". Also in the US a woman, ED Ingham, elaborated later, a more detailed method of reflexology and she is now responsible for all European schools.

As a non-conventional therapy, the reflexology can have a dual application:

  • It can be used as an alternative or as a support to conventional medical therapies.
  • It is suitable for adults, children, very young children and the elderly.

Reflexology can be a great help to:

  • Recover your psycho-physical organism;
  • Relax and balance the nervous system;
  • Eliminate toxins, improving the state of the skin and muscle tone;
  • Improve circulation and blood oxygenation, favoring better breathing;
  • Stimulate the body's immune defenses.

The main therapeutic indications of Reflexology concern:

  • Joint pain and joint disease;
  • Digestive diseases, menstrual disorders, mood disorders, stress, fatigue, insomnia, migraines, allergies;
  • Cardio-circulatory diseases.

Contraindications to this technique are few, but they exist, and they are:
Mycosis, Skin Ulcers, Varicose Veins

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