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The word holistic means "whole". Holistic therapy takes into account the whole person rather than just concentrating on a symptom or a particular part of the body that has a problem. Holistic therapists believe that the body has a vital life force. When this becomes out of balance - disease takes a hold. The aim of holistic therapy is to restore the balance of this vital life force and help the body heal itself naturally.

Indian Head Massage

The massage has a strong effect on the three higher chakras of the seven - mind, body and spirit. Chakra (wheel) is the energy vortex that we need to remain striving. As the massage works on the shoulders and neck, the relief of tension is felt almost instantaneously.

Hot Stone Massage

The Hot Stone Massage is a treatment that melts away tension, reduces stress, fatigue, eases muscle stiffness and aches, increases circulation and metabolism, promotes the elimination of toxins.


Reflexology cleanses your body and gets your natural energy flowing the way it should. These benefits of reflexology can normalises the glands and reduces physical as well as emotional tension.