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Universal Contour Wrap ELITE & Bespoke Facial

A fantastic package to prepare yourself for the spring season.

  • Ultimate Detox and Inch loss Body Wrap
  • Bespoke Facial

Single Treatment
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Universal Countour Wrap

  • Toning and firming - treatment rejuvenates the body’s elastin and firms areas as where fat is stored, sculpting your body into the shape you deserve.
  • Exfoliating and Cleansing - your body is entirly wrapped with warm bandages soaked in clay, cleansing and nourishing every inch of your skin, which leaves you look and feel fabulous after leaving the salon.
  • Detoxifying - The unique clay solution is very rich in minerals extracting toxins that are located beneath the skin leaving you with a fresh feeling after each treatment.
  • Skin Tightening - effective way of reducing loose skin after weight changes caused by dieting or cosmetic surgery such as liposuction or post pregnancy.

Bespoke Facial

Visibly retextures the skin, smoothes fine lines, makes wrinkels less noticable and leaves the skin hydrated, soft and supple in just 30 minutes.