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Body Wraps are an effective method to detox, tone, firm, exfoliate, cleanse and slim your body in very little time, leaving you feeling great and looking your best. We offer highly effective inch loss & detox body wraps from Universal Contour Wrap, detox and anti-aging body wraps from Germaine de Capuccini as well as our own natural & organic signature body wraps.

Universal Contour Wrap Classic

The Universal Contour Wrap Classic treatment is an exceptional inch loss treatment that delivers a scientifically proven and guaranteed result of losing at least 6 inches after just one session. This body wrap treatment is not just one of the most effective inch loss treatments, but also a very effective full body toning, exfoliating and cleansing treatment. Due to its effectiveness and guaranteed result, this is the perfect inch loss treatment close before your special occasion, trusted also by many celebrities before one of their appearances.

Universal Contour Wrap Classic Elite

Through the new "Universal Contour Wrap Chrysalis" machine, which combines electrical muscle stimulation and thermal heat, the Universal Contour Wrap Classic Elite treatment allows for improved inch loss in faster time, while also offering a more pleasurable, relaxing treatment than the original Universal Contour Wrap Classic treatment alone.

Universal Contour Wrap Express

The all new Express Body Wrap from Universal Contour Wrap is designed to target specific areas of your body. Inspired by the success of the world famous Classic Body Wrap and using the unique Classic Clay Solution, these new treatments help to tone, firm, tighten and slim your chosen area.

Natural Body Exfoliation

A body exfoliation treatment is a gentle way of sloughing off the dead skin and all those other nasties on the outside and letting your fresh clear skin show through. It will increase the circulation to keep you with an amazingly smooth and glowing skin.